WDS Investigations, Inc.

Authorization for Release of Information

  1. (hereby referred to as "the company")
  2. The following is my true and complete legal name, identifying information and all information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I agree that I am of sound, sober and competent mind when reading and signing this authorization.

  3. hereby authorize the company and/or its agents to make an independent investigation of my background, references, character, past & current employment, education accreditation(s), credit history, criminal/police records maintained by public and private organizations and all public records for purpose of confirming the information provided on my application form and/or obtaining information which may be material to the qualifications for employment now and, if applicable, during the tenure of my employment with the company. I release the company and/or its agents and any person or entity, which provides information pursuant to this authorization, from any liabilities, claims or law suits in regards to the information obtained from any and all above referenced sources used.